3D Print and Laser Cutter Lab

The 3D Print and Laser Cutter Lab will be open on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays from 12pm – 4pm until August 1st due to short staffing. Please be aware that longer print times are to be expected.


The Fulton Schools of Engineering 3D Print and Laser Cutting Lab is a student-run lab. We provide 3D printing and laser cutting services to:

  • Students in the FSE course program
  • Research groups*
  • Students completing personal projects and honors projects*

To utilize our services, students can submit a print request through the 3D printing tab above. Students can also reserve time on a laser cutter by making a reservation through the Laser Cutting page.

(* Students in research groups, completing personal projects, or honors projects must provide their own 3D printing filament. Please see our student workers for more details)

Summer 2021 Operating Hours

Tuesday, Thursday, & Friday

11am – 4pm


Lab closed during ASU holidays.


Fulton 3D Print Lab

Contact Us

Phone: (480) 727-2947

Email: fse3dprintlab@gmail.com

Location: ECF 103

ECG Location close up